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At Melbourne, we focus on the Triple Helix. Impact and engagement have always been crucial to my research and teaching. My research has been widely cited in numerous government reports and I have advised on numerous projects. Key areas of impact are:


  1. How to moderate online discussion forums (Wright, 2006a, b, c; Wright, 2007; Wright and Street, 2007; Wright, 2012a)

  2. How to analyse the impacts of moderation and facilitation (Wright and Street, 2007; Graham and Wright, 2014)

  3. How to design website interfaces to promote positive engagement and deliberation (Wright and Street, 2007; Wright, 2005; Wright 2012b)

  4. How to instutionalise e-democracy experiments, particularly E-petitions (Wright, 2012 b, in press)

  5. Social media engagement - particularly for politicians and journalists (Graham and Wright, in press; Graham and Wright, UP; Wright, 2008, 2009)

  6. Best practice in data journalism and below the line commenting on news websites


I am passionate about community engagement. I was awarded a CUE East Engagement award at UEA and National Beacon Status - presented by the Vice Chancellor at Graduation ($2,000 stipend). I am keen that students with with organisations and apply their learning in real-world settings. I have several partnerships in Melbourne that I use for my research, and bring in experts such as on Social Network Analysis. A recent presentation by the creator of NodeXL (Marc Smith) had over 50 attendees from a wide range of businesses and charities. We also recently gathered together the leading data journalists in Australia for a workshop, supported by Carlton Connect. I have given talks and presentations at GetUp and U3A. At UEA, I set up a hugely successful teaching parternship with the BBC, and students won a national BBC award for enterprise. Finally, I am an exerienced interviewee on radio and television, mainly working with the BBC.


My current H Index is 14. For more information and citations and metrics, see:




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