I am currently developing several bids and projects, principally with Todd Graham and Daniel Jackson. This includes bids to fund extensive new research on third spaces across different countries and age groups; further work on data journalism and the impact of social media on journalism practice; and the impact of super-participation on everyday political talk. I have emerging interests in Chinese everyday political talk online and on Chinese journalism more generally. I am also increasingly working with big data and new methods, including data mining, social network analysis and machine-learning. 




(2014) Principal Investigator: "Super-Participation" and Everyday Political Talk Online: A comparative analysis. Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society. $48,000.


(2012) Principal Investigator: ‘Blogging the Political’. British Academy Mid-career Fellowship. £113,550 (Ref: MC110323). A study of the emergence of political talk in non-political blogs. Personal buyout throughout 2012, plus research assistance and support (Full Economic Costing). Less than 10% success rate. 


(2011-14) Principal Investigator: SeaMedia. EU Interreg, Two Seas Programme. Total grant is worth £3,300,000 (PI). This grant funded a broadcast journalism collaboration, including staff buyouts. See:


(2010-2011) Participant in Google grant events to fund a network of scholars – led to an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Call (former led by Sarah Oates). I wrote one of three proposals that was shortlisted and presented at Google HQ in London.


(2007-2008) “Organised Virtual Collective Action”, British Academy, £2000 (With S. Coleman - PI).


(2007) E-mediate Project (EU 6th Framework – priority 7) ‘Media and Ethics of a European Public Sphere from the Treaty of Rome to the "War on Terror’. (£2000 – research paper).


(2006-2009) “International Working Group on Online Consultations and Public Policy-Making”, US National Science Foundation ($200,000 award from CTG, part of $1,000,000 grant from the US National Science Foundation over 3 years). (Lead: Peter Shane - Founding member).


(2006) De Montfort University Seed Corn Fund (£600)


(2005) Research Councils of the United Kingdom Research Fellowship (local e-democracy) £125,000, 5-year grant.


(2005) ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship c£22,000


(2001) ESRC Full PhD Studentship c£20,000


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